Dear Friend

I’m sorry I took so long to write, i’ve been distracted. I should explain this, I obviously got the idea from perks of being a wallflower, such a brilliant movie. And this is mostly just to have someone to talk to, and vent. Just so I can at least pretend that someone, somewhere, is listening, so I can pretend that someone somewhere cares. Where to start? I had to play messenger for them today. My ex, who I’m still totally and completely in love with, and one of my closest friends, who I think doesn’t really care much about me anymore. I had to tell her he misses her, let her use my phone at lunch to call him. It hurt so much I thought for sure I’d just break down right there, but I didn’t. I just smiled and told her to call him. I love her to death but it hurts so much just to be around her, to listen to her tell me all about her magical connection with my ex, my love, my once fiance, why does she feel the need to tell me all about it? Why torture me more? Why try to take everything I ever had with him? I told her a while back about a shirt he bought me, it is litterally the ONLY thing I have from him, have left of him, and the first thing she said was, “do you think it’s my size?”. I told her I’m not giving it to her, it’s mine.. He was mine too once but apparently that doesn’t mean anything.

Apr 19
Dear Friend,
Apr 10